Brummel and the snowman

Brummel climbs on the kitchen chair and makes a sandwich whit honey. Uncle brings Elsie home and Brummel waits patiently for his return. He likes Elsie a lot and hopes she wants to become his girlfriend. With a sandwich in his paw, he goes sitting in front of the window. On this way, he can already see his uncle coming from a distance. It’s snowing less, but it’s still freezing outside. Bored he walks through the houseboat and wait.

“I’m back,” his uncle shouts.

Brummel asks uncle if Elsie has been punished.

‘Luckily not. They were so glad she was safely back. I left quickly because I wanted to be home with you as soon as possible. Besides, I think you have a girlfriend. She asked me if she can come and visit you so now and then. She promised she wouldn’t tell anyone you’re a real bear. Don’t you think that’s great news?”

“Would you like to make a snowman outside?”

Brummel nods and looks at Uncle with satisfaction. He wants to go out immediately and takes his coat.

“Ho ho, take it easy. I just got back. First I must get warming up and then we will make a snowman with all the trimmings.”

Brummel paces past the window and keeps asking if Uncle is already warm. It all takes too long, and he says: “Why to warm up when you’re going outside you are getting cold again.”

Uncle cannot argue with that and puts on his coat. Together they go outside and Brummel immediately ducks into the snow.

“Yeah,” he shouts. He makes a snowball and throws it at Uncle. Just in time Uncle sees the snowball coming and hides his face behind his hands. Snowballs are thrown back and forth and they have a lot of fun together. Uncle makes a snowball and rolls it further through the snow. Surprised, Brummel sees that the ball is getting bigger and bigger. Before he knows it, Uncle rolls a huge snowball along. The ball has become so big that he cannot even look over it.

 “Look Brummel, this is his torso, now his head, says uncle.”                                                          

Brummel loves it and together they roll a new snowball until it is big enough for the head.

“Pooh, that’s tiring,” says Brummel and together they look at the result.

“A snowman without eyes is not a real snowman,” laughed uncle. “We have to find something that we can use before his eyes. He must of course also have a mouth and a nose. A broom is also a part of it.

Brummel, if you look inside to see if you find something, then I will look for the broom.”

Brummel goes inside and, in the meantime, he tries to figure out what he can use. He looks around and sees Uncle’s old winter coat. There are very nice buttons on it that he could use for the snowman. He bites two buttons off the jacket. “Well, now we have his eyes. Where do I get the rest? I know,” and he runs to the sink cabinet where Uncle keeps the potatoes, onions, and carrots. He chooses the largest winter carrot. But he is not there yet, because he still has to find something for the mouth. “What can we use for that?”

Suddenly he realizes that he had something seen that they can use.

 He goes to the old blanket chest. There are all kinds of old stuff in it. In the corner of the chest, he sees the box where he is looking for. “This is exactly what I’m looking,” Brummel whispers.

“I’m almost done, Brummel. Have you found anything yet,” his uncle calls?

Brummel doesn’t answer and Uncle only hears him giggling.

Brummel runs outside and hands the box to his uncle who starts to laugh out loud.

“How did you get that Brummel. I didn’t even know I had it,” and tears run down his cheeks with laughter.

“I found it in the chest in the hall.”

“Oh, that box, yes it belonged to my old father, he died years ago.”

Oh sorry. I didn’t know that” says Brummel.

“Doesn’t matter, he was very old.” Uncle returns the box to Brummel and asks. “Would you like to place the mouth yourself?”

First Brummel presses the buttons into the head of the snowman. “These are his eyes,” calls Brummel. ‘The carrot is his nose and then Brummel presses the mouth into the snowman.

“Now our snowman has real teeth. Your father won’t mind us using his dentures for the snowman, will he? “

“No, Brummel. If he could see this, he would be laughing.”

‘Fortunately. It looks good on the snowman, doesn’t it? Almost real. When Elsie sees this, ha ha ha, I can already see it.



The End of Part 4

Brummel maakt een sneeuwbal