Is Brummel in danger

Thoughtful look Elsie outside. Her thoughts keep going back to Brummel. After she has met him, she can think of nothing else than the little toy bear that can come to life.

“I want to go to Brummel,” she whispers.

“Brummel,” asks her mother. “Who is Brummel?”

Brummel is the teddy bear who lives with the gentleman who brought me home,” she replies.

Her mother looks at her. A grown man with a teddy bear. The strangest stories about that man circulate in the village. He walks in the village with a teddy bear under his arm. She had recently seen it with her own eyes.

“Was that man nice? Did he treat you well? “

Yes, Mom, he’s very nice. It was my fault that I was locked up in that closet. I should never have sneaked in there. That was not nice of me. But that is how I got to know Brummel. He is so nice.’

Mother does not answer. She doesn’t know what to think of that story and decides to ask her husband what he thinks about all of it.


The next morning, Elsie wakes up and peeks out through the curtain. The sun is shining brightly and disappointed she sees that the snow has almost disappeared. Actually, she changes her mind, it’s not that bad. Now she can probably find her own way to Brummel.

After breakfast, she quickly puts on her red boots, but then Mother asks where she is going.

“I’m going to Brummel,” Elsie replies enthusiastically.

“No Elsie, you keep playing in front of the door. You are not allowed to leave the street. Dad and I don’t want you to go to the lake again.”

‘But why not. I want to go to Brummel de Bear,” she shouts, and she is stamping whit her foot on the ground.

It doesn’t help and Mother tells her again that she is not allowed to go.

Elsie sulkily sits in front of the door and puts her thumb in her mouth. She knows she shouldn’t do that, otherwise, her front teeth will stand out. Mom and Dad had to tell her that so many times, but she is angry and she’s doing it anyway.

“I’m going anyway,” she tells herself and quickly she runs out of the street.

The melting snow has turned mushy and dirty and her red boots are splashing through the melting snow.

She tries to remember the way to the houseboat and then she recognizes some spots. She also was their last time. Suddenly she stops. ‘How is that possible. The boat must be here somewhere?” she whispers.

Confuses she looks around and searches the surroundings with her eyes. She cannot discover the houseboat. I’m sure it must be here somewhere. Or not, she thinks and panics a bit. The wind blows through her thin jacket and Elsie shivers from the cold. Disappointed, she sits down on a pole and stares over the lake. Ahead she sees several ships sailing one after the other. Dad had told her that the front boat will clear the route because in some places the ice is too thick to sail. The other ships can then sail on without too much trouble and so transport their cargo. She rubs her hands and sees that they are red from the cold. She shrugs her shoulders and decides she should go home. But it is not that simple. She doesn’t remember which path she had taken. Should she take the right or left path now?

‘I do not know anymore. Now, I am lost again. Oh, Brummel where are you now. You have to come and help me, please? “she whispers.

Without realizing it, she runs into danger. She is in a beautiful white place. It looks like a beach that lures her. She has never seen anything so beautiful. Suddenly she feels something strange. And she sank to her ankles in the sand. Whatever she tries, she couldn’t get out. It looks like it is holding her tightly. The more she tried to struggle out, the deeper she sank. Elsie screams for her Mom and Dad, but no one can hear her.

“I’ve come to save you, Elsie. Don’t worry,” she suddenly hears and then she sees Brummel who is standing in front of her.

He looks around searchingly and then he sees two planking’s and places them over the sand. Carefully he crawls on his knees to Elsie and tries to pull her up. It takes a lot of effort, but in the end, he manages to free her and get her aside.

“That was close Elsie, what are you doing here? This sand is very dangerous. It’s quicksand, Uncle explained to me. “Fortunately, the sand is still cold, otherwise you would have sunk much deeper. Elsie tells Brummel that she was on her way to meet him, but that she has taken the wrong path. “Luckily, I saw you passing by, otherwise it could have turned out very differently for you. This is a dangerous place. You should never come here again. Come on, let’s go to the houseboat, then you can warm up and go home quickly. I will take you to the end of the path, then you will know how to find your way back home. Are you okay with that?’

Elsie nods and was happy that the dangerous adventure had ended well.


The End