Boris end chattering tire

The sun is rising steadily from behind the horizon. The rooster crows to signal that a new day has arrived, and a cool breeze makes the grass wave back and forth. Slowly life is coming back on track.

One by one, the kittens crawl out of their beloved basket and sneak out through the cat flap. Tootsie, who is still dozing off, decides to follow the other.

As always, Buckie is out first and happily approaching his sister. Tootsie wants to avoid him, but he is too quick for her and soon they roll together through the freshly mowed grass, squeaking with pleasure. Suddenly Buckie has had enough. Before his parents wake up, he wants to pay an undisturbed visit to Boris.

I just have to lie still and pretend I’m still asleep, Boris thinks. He had noticed them for a long time and fervently hoped they would leave him alone for a while. He knew better now. That kitten cannot be stopped. Where does he get that energy from, he wonders? “Oh no, there is another one too,” he grumbles.

Sammy pushes Bucky aside and runs madly at Boris. The morning dew makes the grass wet and slippery and the speed makes Sammy slide down. The others look after him with horror and Tootsie still calls out to him to be more careful. He comes to a stop just in front of Boris, who had not seen him coming. Boris is shocked and understands that they have no intention of leaving him alone. Sammy crawls under his ear and whispers with a chuckle: “I know that you pretend that you’re asleep. I can see from your nose that you are awake. You’re not kidding me.”

“How do you know that. I will sleep. Leave me alone. Get out of here,” Boris growls.

Sammy rubs the pads of his paws under Boris’s nose. She knows only too well that he can’t stand that.

“Don’t, I’m already awake. Stop it!’

Buckie and Tootsie have now also arrived at the loft. Buckie, who always wants to be the front runner, pushes Sammy aside. For a moment Boris is happy that Sammy is now leaving him alone, but he soon understands that Buckie is now after him. Why don’t their parents take better care of their offspring, he wonders? Why always me?

“Boris,” begins Buckie pulling one of his whiskers and in annoyance Boris pulls up his upper lip and growls softly.

Buckie is not at all impressed by his growling, but just to be on the safe side, he only takes a few steps back. He doesn’t understand it.

“Why are you angry,” he asks?

“Are you angry Boris? Yes, you are irritated, you growl,” Buckie says.

Sammy hits a paw in his mouth and starts to giggle. “Buckie is scared of Boris. What a chicken, he shouts.

Buckie is a bit annoyed with his little brother and stands next to him.

“Boris, I don’t understand. You’re never like that. What’s wrong with you,” asks Buckie.

Boris is a bit ashamed, turns his head and stares straight ahead. Spotty and Tootsie get behind Buckie and push him in front of them.

“Stop this. Maybe he will bite me,” he yells.

Boris gives them a determined look. All he wants is that they leave him alone. Yet Buckie controls his fear and approaches him. “Let me tickle you,” he says.

Again, Boris pulls up his upper lip and shows his huge teeth. Buckie quickly dives away and looks at him with half-closed eyes. He looks anxiously at the huge teeth and realizes that they could kill him in one bite.

“Wow, those teeth are so big. Would he bite me,” he asks Tootsie?

Tootsie looks at Boris end says: ‘I do not think so. Just go,” she replies.

‘Are you sure? Do you want to go first, then I’ll follow you,” says Buckie, but Tootsie pretends not to hear him?

Sammy who still does not understand why they are suddenly so afraid of Boris, wagging his tail up at them. He cheerfully approaches Boris and says: “Come on, Boris, don’t be silly. That way we get scared of you. Tell us what’s wrong with you. Aren’t we nice to you? Come tell us? “

Boris remains dead still. Sammy risks to get a few more steps closer, but Tootsie shouts anxiously that he must stop. He stops for a moment but then approaches Boris, nevertheless.

“Boris will not harm me. I am sure of that, “he replies.

Boris sees Sammy standing right next to him. Takes a deep breath and whispers, “chattering tire, let me go,” and he blows Sammy out of his cage.

Sammy rolls over the grass and stays in front of his sister Tootsie’ legs. Then he scrambles up again and runs to the cat flap and jumps on top of his mother’s back.

Mother cat has just come out of deep sleep and yawns she presses Sammy close to her. She lovingly strokes his head and whispers: “Pssst, your father is still in dreamland. I think he runs after the mice in his dream. “

Sammy breaks away from her and sits up in front of her, rattling on and on.

“Boris has a chattering tire. You must come right away. Hurry up, Mom!”

“Can a cat never sleep peacefully? It is Sunday. After all the hard work of the past week, I am entitled to a little rest, “grunts father cat. Then he takes Sammy by the scruff of the neck and asks, “Boris, which Boris?”

“Eh … eh … .. Boris, said I Boris,” and he looks at his father with innocent eyes?

Meanwhile, the others have also come behind him and are anxiously awaiting how he will get out of this situation.

Tootsie feels a sense of anger. She puts on a high back and glares at him. She would love to hit him hard. “He’s done it again,” she whispers to the others.

“They will soon find out that we are friends with Boris.”

“What a fool he is,” Daisy says suddenly.

The others look at her in surprise and do not know what is happening to them. Daisy with her chic hair. She thinks she is the most beautiful cat in the neighbourhood, but now. Now she suddenly stands up for them.

“So, you also got out of your basket. Why do you help us? Go and tell mom and dad what we’re up to here, “Buckie says angrily.

Angry Daisy lifts her paw and makes a striking movement at him.

“I’m going to hit you,” but bows her head and whispers: “I will not betray anything. Leave me. You will see that I intend the right thing for you.”

She’s rocking her hips and steps up to her parents and shouts: “So Sammy, what do I hear. Can you clap your feet and slide across the grass at the same time?”

The others hold in their breath and anxiously waited for Sammy’s answer. Father grabs him by the scruff of the neck and says he can tell what’s going on. Sammy is thinking carefully. He knows very well that it is not allowed to lie. “Uh… yeah how do I do that, again,” he murmurs.

Mother looks at him and sees that her little one is getting himself in trouble. She approaches father cat and picks up Sammy. “Leave it to me,” she says to father. “You can go. I think the others are already waiting for you. if you wait too long, you will miss the hunt. I saw Bertus the cat walking by half an hour ago.”

“You are right, woman. I’ll go soon or I’ll be late, and he quickly disappears through the cat flap. Glad he got rid of all that hassle with those kids. Being a parent is fun, but it’s also exhausting. No, Mother is much better at that then I, he thinks.

“Mom, let me go. My neck hurts,” Sammy shouts and Mother puts him on the floor. She gives him another pat on his buttocks, but Sammy understands that she has saved him from out a bad situation. He had not gotten off that easily with his father. For a moment he looks at her fretfully. He’s willing to tell her the truth, but Mother doesn’t want to listen to him and says: “Go, scoundrel. I do not want to know, what you up to. Take care of yourself and watch out for that dog. You never know what he’s up to. Understood?’

‘Yes, mom. I will be careful and watch the others too, “he replies, and then he is gone.

Mother is shaking her head; she looks after him and grumbles:  “Make them think I don’t notice what they do.” She takes the blankets out of the basket and shuffles them so that the hair falls out.

Daisy is visibly satisfied and hopes that they would trust her a little more now. She skips over to her dressing table and looks at herself in the mirror. “So, now I’m not only the prettiest cat in the neighbourhood but the bravest cat as well.” She is sure she saved the whole affair with Sammy.

Mother cat looks over her shoulders at Daisy and shakes her head with a smile. What a special offspring she has. She loves all her young equally, but oh how different they are from each other.

Outside Sammy is waiting for the others and looks at them questioningly. ‘Nothing wrong. Mommy doesn’t notice,” he whispers.

Mother cat sits on the edge of her basket and is deep in thought. What is that child up to, she wonders? She is not comfortable about it and runs outside. There she follows his trail. “Stay still,” she shouts.

Sammy stops and turns around. “Don’t be afraid, Mom. Boris will protect me,” and he runs further to Boris.

Mother runs after him and when she comes to Boris’s loft, she sees her other offspring sitting over, behind, along with and next to him.

“Leave me alone, otherwise” Boris grumbles.

“Don’t grumble like that. Just get out of your loft,” says Sammy.

Boris doesn’t like it anymore and wants to escape, but then suddenly he falls hard on the ground.

Mother cat, who thinks he wants to attack her offspring, is startled and sees her children flying through the air.

“Boris is naughty,” shouts a crying Sammy and hides behind his mother. “Boris is naughty,” he says over and over. “I wanted to help him!”

Mother caresses him lovingly over his ball. Then she gathers a lot of courage and approaches Boris. Boris looks sad and mother cat understands that there must be more to it. This is not the Boris she knows. She lets her gaze slide over him and then she suddenly sees what’s going on. His collar is attached to a stick stuck in the ground. She smooths her whiskers and proudly, she looks at Boris with a straight back.

Boris starts to whimper softly. He is tired and thirsty. Mother looks at her offspring and thinks deeply. Suddenly she sees the solution to the problem. She now also understands what Sammy meant when he talked about a chattering tire. That bully boy from next door has of course hurt Boris. He overpowered him during his sleep and slipped a stick between his collar and put it in the ground. “If I see that bastard kid, I’ll scratch him hard,” she grumbles.

The kitten doesn’t believe what they hear. Mother, who suddenly stands up for Boris. Sammy walks up to his mother and pushes her in the direction of Boris. He encourages her to help him.

She proudly walks to Boris and explains her plan to free him. Boris doesn’t feel like listening to her or doing what she asks of him. “My neck hurts so much,” he begs. “please set me free. When I meet that kid, I’ll eat him,” he grumbles.

Cheering, the kitten shout in unison: “Boris is hunting. He’s eating that kid. “

“Stop it,” mother cat shouts angrily. “Help me to free Boris, otherwise he’ll have an ugly flesh wound.”

The kitten becomes silent and follows the directions of their mother. They jump on the back of Boris and they all try to create some space between Boris’s collar. Mother also takes the collar, but at the bottom. “Calm down Boris, we’re getting you out of this terrible situation. Now crawl back slowly and carefully and it will be fine.”

Boris does what she says, and the mother cat pushes the collar forward bit by bit so that he gets looser and looser from his neck. “Just a little bit more and it’ll be loose,” she whispers to Boris.

Finally, the collar is loose, and Boris is free again. The kitten are dancing around him from joy and happiness.

“Come on, kids, get out now. Leave Boris alone, “mother cat reminds them.

Clucking, the kittens run through to the cat flap. From all that tension, the gets hungry.

“Thank you for your help,” says Boris to mother cat.

She strictly warns him that he must pay more attention from now on. “People can be mean. The neighbour boy, in particular, is a real bastard,” says mother cat.

Boris lifts one of his front legs and gently places it on those of mother cat. ‘You’re right. I’ll be more careful from now on. You’re pretty good. I’m a little bit ashamed.’

“You don’t have to. Let’s stay friends, but not too transparent, “replies mother cat.

Boris nods contentedly and scratches his neck. “It hurts, but it will pass.”

“You may be hurt. Let me see, “Mother asks timidly.

Boris bows his head and mother cat inspects his neck.

“Your neck is red and swollen, but fortunately there is no wound. It will bother you for a few days, but it will surely pass,” she mutteringly. Boris thanks her kindly and gives her a good lick.

“Now don’t get too gooey, we should be enemies. After all, we are cat and dog, “Mother says with a laugh, dancing with joy.

Neither of both sees the boy next door. Well, they don’t notice anything, he thinks. I’ll teach those rotten beast’s mores. Again, he takes a stick and sneaks up to them.

The kitten, who are already outside again, sees him and Tootsie immediately raises the alarm. She runs to her mother and tells her that the boy next door is coming to them. They all run away.

Boris does not understand. “Why are you suddenly running away. I don’t do anything,” he shouts after them.

But suddenly he sees the neighbour boy coming in the corner of his eye. Pull up his upper lip and start to growl. For a moment the boy stops and stares at the dog. How is that possible. How could he get loose? I had anchored the stick in the ground as well.

Then he sees the dog coming towards him and he decides to leave the garden as soon as possible. During his flight, he remains ugly on the barbed wire to hang and a huge square appears in his pants and then he falls with his knees on the stones and scraped his knee.

“Well, I chased them away nicely,” Boris growls and lies down in front of his loft, satisfied. “Finally rest and time to sleep.”


The End of Part 2