Boris and the Dangerous Ride

Boris is princely enjoying the sun. A hell of noise takes him suddenly out of his dream world. Slowly he lifts his head and puts his paw in front of his big brown eyes.

‘Oh no, that will lead to problems again,” he grumbles.

How long had it been since he had been able to enjoy his afternoon nap in quietly and dream away in his dream world? Sometimes he dreamed that he had a girlfriend who he could cuddle and could have a good conversation whit.

Since the kitten was born, he was sometimes jealous of the parents.

His boss and mistress have to decide to take a second dog in the house or garden, but still, then he had to see what kind of dog they would choose. Imagine they would take a dachshund, like that lady from the corner whit her seven dachshunds.  No, then he’d rather stay alone. Not that he had anything against those little dogs, but he couldn’t have a conversation whit them. They wouldn’t understand him anyway.

Ahead, he sees the neighbour cats gather around Buckie and Roberto.

Problems arise, I dare to bet my bone on that, he thinks.

Roberto is a big tomcat and Buckie’s rival. Not that they were constantly in combat, no it was more expressed in tough and risky pranks.

Sammy is a shy looking kitten, and his legs are shaking, but he can’t do anything because Roberto and his brother are too strong for him. They don’t like cowards and they ignore them. That meant he put himself out of the way and he would never be able to play with them. Displeased and in conflict with himself, he looks around.

What can I do? This is dangerous and Buckie might get into trouble, he worries and beats his paws helplessly before his eyes.

Behind him, he hears Boris growling. He thought Boris was lazy. Sometimes he thinks that that dog had no idea what was going on around him. He would prefer to crawl into Boris’ loft, but it is much too hot for that today. Still, he decides to run to him.

“Boris, Boris, you have to help me! Buckie is going to ride the death ride. You have to stop him.”

There is no point. Boris is on the leash and he understands that there is nothing Boris can do for him. With his head bowed he walks back to where the dangerous race will take place.

Buckie looks his rival deep in the eye. I’ll show him who’s the strongest here, he thinks. He had spent hours polishing his vehicle, checking all the parts ten times.

Beneath him, his engine was shining, and his gaze is on infinity. Still, he felt his heart racing with tension. He understood that the passage is very dangerous. They call him the death ride.

Tootsie steps over to him and tries to discourage him from entering the competition.

“If you enter the race, I don’t want to be your sister anymore,” she says menacingly.

He grins at her and shrugs. “Doesn’t she realize that this is about my honour,” he grumbles.

Roberto, who sits proud and tough on his bike, looks at her seductively. “If I win, we will go out together. Unless you have to go to your brother’s funeral,” he grins.

The cat ladies fall head over heels for Roberto. His exaggerated toughness and handsome appearance make the ladies melt like snow in the sun. Not one cat who understood how he always managed how he get the most beautiful cats in his arms. They were often jealous and tried to imitate him, but none of them had managed to knock him off his throne.

Just wait, thinks Buckie and opens the throttle of his engine. We’ll see who’s here is the bravest. I’m not afraid of the devil. He lets the audience enjoy his roaring and crackling engine sound.

Blue plumes of smoke rise and everyone takes a step back. The tension is dropping, and they realize that the race could end badly for one of them. Most are anxiously waiting.

Sammy presses himself firmly against Tootsie and whispers: “Shall we go and tell Mommy. If we do nothing it will end badly with Buckie.”

Tootsie strokes his head and tells him not to say anything to Mum and Dad.

“No Sam. It is an unwritten rule that we remain silent about this. Nobody should deviate from that.”

Sammy nods and stares at the crowd surrounding the bikes. Buckie and Roberto are led to the starting place and there they wait for the starting signal.

The cats that recently joined the group are not allowed to attend the competition. Their job is to keep an eye on the neighbourhood. As soon as a cat from another neighbourhood is in sight, they have to chase them away. They were deployed as order guards.

Buckie’s eye catches something slippery and jumps off his bike. He gestures that the start had to be postponed for a while. The audience does not understand and watches what is so important to postpone the start.

Buckie bends down and picks up the obstacle. It’s a slippery beast and he puts it in his palm. He looks closely at the beast and just as he wants to put it back in the grass, his rival takes off his helmet, which was designed from an old colander. He steps up to Buckie and bursts out laughing.

“Is that what you postpone the race for. You certainly don’t dare anymore,” he roars and takes the slug from Buckie’s hand. He carefully studies the slippery beast and then throws it in the direction of Boris.

Boris gives him a drowsy look while the slug tries to get away as quickly as possible.

Surprised, Buckie looks around and hears the audience whisper: “Well, what is that.”

“That’s not how you treat animals, you should be ashamed,” Buckie shouts at Roberto.

Roberto shakes his head. He is not at all impressed by Buckie’s comments. He climbs back on his bike and straightens his leather jacket. I’m not going to be told how you should treat each other; he thinks and turns the throttle quite open. “Come on,” he grumbles.

Buckie is also irritated and gets on his motorcycle. He looks Roberto in the eye and thinks I have to win the game.

The engines roar again, and the rivals look at each other once more. Then they both turn their eyes to the narrow passage and Buckie feels his fear rising again. Sweat is dripping from under his helmet.

It would not be the first time that someone did not survive this ride, he thinks. For a moment he plays with the idea of ​​quitting but comes to the conclusion that that is not an option. Imagine he would be called a faint of heart for the rest of his life. No, that would be the worst thing that could happen to him. “Don’t think about it anymore,” he tells himself.

When the starting gun sounds, both accelerate and with skidding wheels they fly over the path.

Barend the crow watches the spectacle from his tree. He spreads his wings and floats after the racers. Screeching, he circles above their heads and the two racers settle.

“This is going wrong. Take care of Buckie, slow down, “Barend tries to call out to him.


They all know that Roberto usually wins because he just has a much better bike. He always has the coolest stuff

Roberto’s parents live in the supermarket, where they mainly sold dog and cat food. They were well off and so they could always buy the best things for their son. They made some extra money by occasionally selling what the owner threw away. That’s how Roberto had also come up with this modern engine with its latest gadgets. Buckie or whoever would always be in the minority. After all, Roberto has the most beautiful and best motorcycle in the entire district. So, the bottom line is that if you fight him, you have to be stronger and smarter.


Buckie’s motor starts to make a screeching noise. Buckie makes an effort and with a redhead, he rushes after Roberto. The wind whistles around his ears and he tears along the dangerous path. His rival comes into his view and he approaches him on his tail. He’s gone mad and feels his blood boiling through his hangover body. Now they are on the same level and look at each other grimly. They get so caught up in the game that they forget the abyss. Then Roberto shoots forward again and leaves Buckie far behind.

Barend the crow flies over Buckie and shouts that he must slow down at the next corner. “Don’t go around corners without to slow down a bit. Roberto made a fall at one of the corners. You have to slow down at every corner and stay on the right side of the road!”

Buckie hardly hears him because of the roar of the engine. For a moment he looks up and sees that Barend is flying for him.

“Bend over, fall…. What does Barend want from me,” and he opens the throttle even further. Unfortunately, he cannot open any further, he is already at his highest level.

Meanwhile, Roberto chuckles and down the throttle and slowly turns the bike around the corner. Because Roberto slows down, Buckie can catch up him. He goes full through the first corner and sees his rival appearing in front of him. Roberto is fully on his brakes but cannot prevent himself from skidding. Buckie deftly dodges his rival and is therefore ahead of the race. Roberto had not counted on that and started the chase at full throttle. Both drive onto the dirt road and try to avoid the many potholes. That requires a lot of concentration from the rivals and the audience watches the game with fear and trembling. Meanwhile, Roberto has come dangerously closer and Buckie sees the second corner coming towards him. He brakes hard but loses grip on the road. It looks like he is slipping, but then he feels his tires regaining traction and with all the strength he has in him he corrects the bike. Roberto takes advantage of this situation and overshoots him. At the next corner, Buckie loses sight of his rival. Suddenly Buckie’s engine starts to sputter, and he is afraid he will lose the race.

Ah, how could I be so stupid to think I had a chance. Nobody can compete with such an engine. How the others will laugh at me, he thinks.

Despite the sputtering of his engine, he does not give up. He approaches the next corner and slows down. The thunderstorm that has been threatening for a while now breaks loose and it starts to rain.

Barend flutters over his head again and warns him again of the danger on the road. Buckie nods that he has understood him and slows down his speed. There is a huge puddle of oil on the road and he skillfully avoids it. He looks angrily at Roberto. How can he be so mean to do this trick, thinks Buckie and he clenches his fist at Roberto and shouts, “I’ll get you.”

Roberto is back in the lead; nothing can stop him from winning this race.

Barend is happy that he was able to warn Buckie and he flies at full speed to Roberto and shouts: “That was false of you. Get that grin off your face or I’ll take you. Cowardly. “Barend flies to the first tree he sees because now the rain is pouring down from the sky.

Both cats are bothered by the rain, especially Roberto has trouble controlling his heavy engine. Buckie takes his chance and shoots his rival full control. Enraged, he rushes after Buckie. Blind with anger, both do not see danger coming their way. There is a raised edge on the course, both of which are overlooked. The engines crash into it and Roberto and Buckie both fly into the air over their handlebars. Due to the massive blow, they are now floating through the air and it seems like hours before they see the ground descending below them. Buckie closes his eyes and waits for the blow of the fall. Suddenly he feels himself being gripped by the scruff of the neck and his legs hang limply in the air.

“So, if I hadn’t been on time both of you ruffs would have been badly beaten. You may now think that you have seven lives, but that is a myth. Hadn’t we made an agreement that no motorcycle racing was allowed here, “says Buckie’s father.

He only let’s go of the two bell hammers when they solemnly promise that he would no longer organize races.

Satisfied, Boris looks up when he sees them coming all healthy but dripping wet. He crawls back into his loft and mumbles: “Finally rest, now they hopefully will stay inside today.”

He rolls up nicely and within a few seconds he lights up in dreamland.


The End of Part 3