Where is that clock

Gigi is a goat who hates time. She is annoyed that everything on the farm goes on time. Never anything spontaneous, never anything unexpected. She finds life boring in this way, but how could she change that?

In the kitchen of the farm hangs a clock. Outside of that clock, there is nowhere else a clock on the farm to be found. Gigi gets an idea.


One day, she decides to sneak into the kitchen and steal the clock. She looks around because no one should know that she is the thief. So, she waits until the farmer had finished feeding the beasts. She knows he’s taking a little nap in the afternoon, so that’s when she needs to strike. The chickens are far too busy with each other and are a bit sleepy from all the food they have received from the farmer.

It takes her some effort to get that clock off the wall, but eventually, she gets it done. Now she must still hide him, but she had thought about that.


When the farmer gets up, he immediately notices that his clock has disappeared. He searched and he searched, but he couldn’t find the clock anywhere. No one could tell him where that clock might be.

His work schedule is in jeopardy. The chickens are fed far too late, and they are unhappily cuddling, not to mention the cows. After all, they must be milked on time. No, without his clock, the farmer’s life is no fun.


He decides to hire a trained detective, who soon finds out that Gigi is behaving very strangely. He finds her in the meadow and asks, “Gigi, do you know where the clock is?”

Gigi looks at him innocently, but the detective does not fall for her innocence.

“You know what I think,” he says, “I think you know more about this.”

“Well, that may be so, but time is relative. I think it’s pretty good and on top of that, time just goes on,” Gigi replies.

The detective looks at Gigi confused and does not understand where she gets that wisdom from, but that she knows more about the clock, he is sure. All he must do is find him.


It took him 2 days to find the clock and proudly showed it to the farmer. He didn’t understand. Who had hidden the clock, but the detective did not reveal that secret.


Before he leaves, he walks up to Gigi and says, “I found him, and the farmer put him back in place. I know you stole it. Will you tell me why?’

Gigi looked at him and asked, “How did you know I was the culprit?”

The detective laughs and says, “You underestimated me a little and the time was in my favor, but rest assured it remains our secret.”