Emma pays a visit to the zoo

Emma regularly visits the animals in the zoo. Also today, on this beautiful sunny day. Emma is always excited when she visits the animals. Every time she discovers a special place, which she had never noticed before. She happily walks around, but then she discovers a kangaroo, sitting quietly in a corner. He looks sad and every now and then he moans in pain.


Emma feels sorry for him and decides to keep the kangaroo company. Carefully, she kneels next to him and begins to speak tenderly to him. The kangaroo looks at her sadly, but he is happy to see her.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a hobbyhorse comes and jumps around teasingly. Emma does not like the fact that he is teasing the sick kangaroo like that. She wonders how she can make it clear to the hobbyhorse that it is not funny what he does, but she understands that she must tackle it tactically.


“Why are you acting so nasty to the kangaroo,” she asks?

The hobbyhorse looks at her puzzling and replies, “I don’t know. I do not know him at all.’

“It’s not funny, what you do. Bullying can be awfully bad, and you hurt someone else a lot. Stop that,” Emma replies.

Guiltily, the hobbyhorse looks at her and he understands what she means.

“You’re right,” he whispers, walking away with his tail between his paws.

Emma looks at him and just hopes that he understood what she means.


She gently strokes the kangaroo on his back and whispers comforting words. Suddenly they hear cheerful twittering. That twittering comes from a playful parrot sitting nearby. The parrot is always chatting and making funny noises. She knows him and he starts talking to her. Emma laughs at his crazy sounds and words. The sick kangaroo also finds the parrot funny and the three of them have the greatest fun. The parrot is not foolish, but just playful and funny.


After a while, the kangaroo begins to feel better. The company of Emma and the parrot has done him good and soon he is jumping around happily again.

Emma and the parrot must laugh at the strange hoods that the kangaroo pulls out.

It looks like he is doing much better now.


Time flies and Emma realizes it is time to go home. She says goodbye to the kangaroo and the parrot and promises to visit them again soon.

On her way to the exit, she sees the hobbyhorse playing with the other hobbyhorses. He turns and waves happily at her.


Emma goes home with a happy feeling. Today she helped the sick kangaroo, and they had a lot of fun with the cheerful parrot. Not to mention the bullying hobbyhorse she has learned not to bully others anymore.