The skiïng chickens

It is bar and bar cold at the North Pole. The snow is steadily swirling down, but do you know what’s so special about this place? There are skiing chickens. You won’t believe it, but it’s true.

They all wear thick warm jackets and on their heads are small hats that protect their heads and ears from the cold. Their brightly colored jackets and funny beaks give the white surroundings something colorful.


The chickens slide their skis over the snowy hills and slide from one snow mountain to another. Seriously, that’s such a witty sight and you can tell they’re having a good time.


Suddenly something strange happens. The chickens encounter a group of penguins. That is quite strange because penguins normally live in the South Pole. But somehow, they ended up at the North Pole. How that came about is still a mystery.

Their thick fur and fuzzy tummies make penguins very resistant to the cold and it’s quite amusing to watch them waddle across the ice. The chickens want to be friends with the penguins.


The chickens ski to the penguins and give them a warm hug. They become the best of friends and together they slide down the ice hills and make snow angels in the fresh snow.

Some penguins also want to try if they can ski, but that is not such a success, and they quickly take off the skis.

Towards evening the wind starts to get very cold and together they decide to build an igloo. There they can hide wonderfully, and they tell each other beautiful stories about the country where they come from. Even though they are now in the coldest place on earth, it is quite bearable in the igloo, and they have a lot of fun together.


Eventually they fall asleep tired but satisfied. If you are now also in your bed, you should also go to sleep and maybe you will dream of the skiing chickens.