The dancing chickens

Little Daan’s grandmother has an incredibly special garden. There is always something going on there. Today Daan is visiting Grandma and as usual, he wants nothing more than to go into the garden. Grandma smiles at him understandingly. She knows how special her garden is.


Cheerfully, Daan walks into the garden and sees a small monkey. Not just any monkey, no one that is incredibly special. This one can dance. He jumps and swings around, making incredibly special pirouettes and crazy jumps. Daan loves it. He laughs and claps in his hands from pleasure. The dancing monkey realizes that Daan likes him and shows off himself even more.


In the meantime, the chickens have noticed that something is going on and decide to contribute to this cheerful thing.

Daan who still admires the dancing monkey suddenly hears a beautiful melody and when he turns around, he sees that there are several chickens in the garden. Special chickens because they can sing and how. So beautiful and harmonious. They strum and tumble and Daan does not know what he sees and hears. You have never seen anything so fantastic. Even the flowers sway rhythmically to the music.


Grandma comes out and sees that Daan is having an enjoyable time and having fun together with the dancing monkey and the singing chickens. Grandma is very proud of her special garden.


Daan enjoyed years of fun in Grandma’s garden. Together they made beautiful music and the monkey always made-up special dance steps.  

Maybe you also have a grandmother with such a special garden or look in the area to see if you can find one. You never know.