Bruno the bear

In a bear forest life, how could it be otherwise, bears? An incredibly special bear lives in that forest. He is always playful and cheerful. Precisely because he is so cheerful and playful, the others sometimes get annoyed with him. They do not think he is smart either, that is why they call him Dummy. Dummy himself shrugs his shoulders. He likes having fun much more than lazing around the others usually do. He does not care that he is not as smart as the others.


On a drizzly day, Dummy decides to go on a voyage of discovery. With his huge paws, he stomps through the forest, jumping here and there over a rabbit or hare. Occasionally he rests to sniff the wonderful scent of the flowers.


Suddenly he hears a soft splashing sound in the distance and decides to see where that comes from. His eyes raise in amazement when he sees a great rock in the middle of that gigantic forest, where the water descends at an enormous speed. A beautiful rainbow appears around the waterfall. The colors overwhelm him, and the sunlight makes the drops dance.


Unexpectedly he sees something glistening in the water. It is not that difficult to discover what it is the water is as clear as crystal. It is a salmon, which has difficulty swimming against the current. The salmon is not going to give up. No, he would and should overcome the flow.

Dummy admires the effort and decides to help the salmon.

He jumps into the water and swims to the salmon. Carefully, he pushes him upstream with his paws. After a while, they reach a quieter place in the river. There the salmon can rest for a while, and he thanks Dummy for his help. “Thanks bear, really. Thanks!’

He does not understand it very well. What kind of a bear is this, he thinks. Is he kidding me or something? Bears can catch enormous amounts of salmon, can’t they?

Dummy walks on at ease. The salmon, still not understanding what happened to him, also continues his way.


A Moment later, Dummy slides down the waterfall and as he climbs out of the water, he feels a gentle breeze brushing against his bearskin. He shrugs off the water and continues his adventure. When he looks up, he discovers a fairytale fairy on top of the rock. With her beautiful white dress and her glittering wings, she is as beautiful as that beautiful waterfall just now, he thinks.

The fairy waves to him and thanks Dummy for helping the salmon.

“You have a good heart Dummy. Any other bear would have eaten him. You know, I am giving you a magical gift,” she whispers.

Gracefully she waves her magic stick and suddenly Dummy feels a strange sensation flowing through his body.

“From now on, you’re the smartest bear in the whole forest. From now on, everyone is going to talk to you by your name. Never will anyone call you Dummy again. Your name is Bruno, that is the name your mum and dad once gave you.’


From that day on, no one calls him Dummy. Bruno never felt stupid again after that day. On the contrary, he is very smart and if there is a problem, they come to him for advice. Now and then he thinks about the day he helped the salmon and that he met the fairy.


And you know, he has always remained cheerful and playful, so if there is someone in your area who is playful and cheerful just like Bruno. Maybe he is just like Bruno.