Ariana and the mouse

Ariana is a sweet girl and with her blonde curls, she steals the hearts of many people. She has a huge dog named Woof. The dog is a head taller than Ariana, but Dad always says, “Watch out, that’s about to change.”

Ariana doesn’t understand him and shrugs. “Is that so,” she mutters.

Together they play a lot in the garden and Ariana always climbs on Woof’s back and roams through the garden together.

“Faster Woof, faster,” she shouts.

Mother looks at them from out of the kitchen window and yells that she must be careful. It’s a good thing Woof is so strong, and that Ariana is holding him tight, otherwise I don’t know yet, she thinks.

Suddenly Ariana sees a mouse running through the garden. He’s looking for something tasty, she thinks. Maybe he would like a nice piece of cheese, then she quickly jumps off Woof and runs to the kitchen. She secretly takes a slice of cheese from the fridge and puts it in the garden, but then she sees the naughty cat appear. ‘No, there’s Flassie, who of course wants to steal the cheese.

But Woof has also seen the cat and understands that the cat is not interested in the cheese, but in the mouse. Unexpectedly, he jumps up and barks as loud as he can at the neighbour’s cat.

Flassie makes her way out end thinks: That’s a pity, I was quite starving for a mouse.

Ariana and Woof are happy that they saved the sweet mouse and the cheese, the mouse is so grateful to them that she performs a little dance for them, and the neighbour’s cat can only watch them.


Now Ariana and Woof have a new boyfriend, one who occasionally comes to get a piece of cheese and performs a different dance every time as a thank you. The mouse is practice for hours on a dance, but  she’s willing to do that for that tasty piece of cheese.

The end