An enchanting forest

Somewhere on this beautiful planet is an enchanting forest. The trees are so tall that it seems as if they can touch the clouds. Various species of animals live under these trees, and some believe to have seen forest spirits. Most live in harmony, but of course, you also must eat and that is why it is always wise to watch out for predators.


In that beautiful forest lives a robin. Her name is Rosa. She is not that old yet and still has a lot to learn. She is a little anxious to fly, which is why she swings from one branch to another. Her nest is at the bottom of the tree and when she wants to go up, she swings to the top of the tree with trembling paws. There she sings the most beautiful songs with joy, but when the sun goes down, she must go back to her nest, but when she looks down, she feels very bad. Rosa is afraid of heights. Her little heart is pounding in her breast, but she understands she must go down. It’s not safe to sit so high up in the tree in the middle of the night. Eventually, she decides to take the plunge and jumps from branch to branch to get back down. After some time, she reaches her nest and falls asleep tiredly.


When Rosa wakes up the next morning, she doesn’t feel well. It seems she’s even more anxious than she already was. She tries to sing her song, but more than a few twittering doesn’t come out of her beak.

Rosa understands that she needs to learn to fly. You can’t do that, a bird that doesn’t fly.

Just like the day before, she whips from branch to branch to climb up.


On the ground, the other animals look at her and hope that she will succeed today. There are not so many robins in this part of the forest that can help her. Rosa must do it on her own. All the others can do is encourage her, but does that help?


They feel sorry for Rosa and the squirrel’s Belle, Pelle and Jelle decide to help her.

They climb to the top of the tree where Rosa is shivering looking down.

“Rosa, why are you so afraid to fly? You have the most beautiful wings in the whole forest,” says Belle.

Pelle nods in agreement and says, “Yes, Rosa, you can do it, you have to believe in yourself.”

Rosa listens intently to the squirrels and slowly begins to understand her fear.

“I don’t dare, but I want so badly to meet the other birds and fly through the forest with them,” Rosa whispers. “There’s no one who can teach me and I’m so scared. Will you help me?’

The squirrels suggest going to the wise forest spirit. “I’m sure he knows a solution to your problem,” they shout in unison.


The wise forest spirit, who lives deep in a den under an old beech tree, listens carefully to Rosa’s story. She nods understandingly and in a soothing voice she says, “Dear Rosa, you know that there are others who do not dare to fly at first. You’re not alone. Together we will help you to overcome your fears. Trust yourself, baby.’

Rosa can hardly believe it. So, she’s not the only one who’s so scared. In good spirits, she climbs from branch to branch to the top again. In the meantime, she keeps addressing herself. “I have to be brave,” she repeats with each branch she jumps up.

When she is at the top, she looks over the tops of the trees. Pelle, Jelle and Belle, who have climbed up with her, encourage her.

“Come on Rosa, you dare,” Jelle shouts.

“Don’t look down,” Belle yells.

Rosa is dizzying, yet she boldly extends her wings and sets herself off. She slowly floats to the other tree. Her heart is still racing, but suddenly her fear has disappeared like snow in the sun. Gracefully, she hovers over the tops of the trees.

The squirrels clap their paws with joy. Meanwhile, Rosa flies through the forest and discovers a group of cheerful robins playing. She flies towards them and starts chattering happily with them. The other birds hear her beautiful songs and soon join the group.


One day Rosa meets the curious deer Truus, and the playful rabbit Arie. They become friends and the group gets bigger and bigger. Together they experience all kinds of adventures in the fairytale forest. Rosa is happy that she has overcome her fears and made new friends.

From that day on, Rosa becomes the fearless robin of the forest. She sings her songs with pride and together with her friends they fly above the tall trees. Whenever she sees a frightened bird, she kindly whispers, “Trust yourself and be brave, just like me. You can achieve anything you want.’

Rosa and all her friends lived happily ever after in the fairytale forest, where dreams become true, and friendship is forever. The forest with its huge, tall and thick trees keep the memory of Rosa, the brave robin, forever in their branches.