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I understand that the question “Who are the people behind this site?” occurs and I’m going to try to answer it.


My name is Dirk Bal and I am well over zeventy.

I’ve been writing for decades. My first computer was the MSX from Philips. In terms of writing, I couldn’t do anything with that at the time. Nice to do some programming, but otherwise it was that. It was only when the speed and storage of the newer computers developed that I could really indulge in writing my stories. In 2005 the website ‘Sprookjesverhalen.nl’ was launched.


Besides writing stories for young and old, I have another passion, namely painting.

Obviously, not everyone likes what you paint or write and sometimes people ask me ‘how do you deal with criticism?’ I always try to explain that there will always be people who may or may not like your stories and / or paintings. And that is allowed, I also don’t always like everything I make, while others say they love it.
Painting is the mirror of your mind. Your own memories and emotions often add something to a painting. This could be because of the scene you see or the use of colour that can cause you to lose yourself in a painting. This also applies to writing to a certain extent, often you have to crawl into your soul to understand the characters, but often storylines also emerge spontaneously. Over the years I have written a lot of manuscripts, too much to process for the website.

Unfortunately, some time ago I had to put down my painting stuff for health reasons, but I am still busy writing and I hope to continue for many more years.


In the meantime, the website was due for replacement again after a few years. This has now been given a new look and my wife Gerda is responsible for that so that I can devote myself entirely to my storylines. Hopefully, you will enjoy it as much as I do and if you want to comment on it. Just do it.


Enjoy reading.  Sincerely,


Dirk Bal

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My name is Gerda Bal. I have now passed the age of sixty five. The years are passing by and I have now more time for myself, I am the wife of Dirk’s end the mother of two beautiful daughters and grandmother of two grandchildren.


Now that I am retired, I help Dirk to set up a new website. It took a while, but in the end, I enjoyed it. Dirk gave me complete freedom in designing the new site and I hope that the result is pleasant for you to read.


I have tried to translate the children’s stories into English as well as possible. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to immerse myself in the English language, because in addition to a full-time position in health care, it was quite intensive to fully immerse myself in it. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading them.


If you have suggestions for optimizing the site, we are of course open to this.



Gerda Bal