A secret journey

Somewhere in this world, it has been decided that a secret space voyage is going to take place. A space trip to a planet outside our solar system. This time the crew of the spaceship does not consist of adults but of a young girl. Because the trip is planned in the greatest secrecy, it is difficult to find the right astronaut, but Becky is extremely interested in the universe and the choice soon falls on her. She is being prepared to make this historic mission run smoothly. Besides the fact that it is already special that a young girl goes into space, there is something special going on. There is also a dog, and his name is Laffer. Laffer is specially trained to perform certain tasks and he is extremely proud of the fact that he goes on a mission.


Finally, the important day has arrived. Unfortunately, keeping this mission a secret didn’t quite work out. The entire world watches tensely as Becky and Laffer are ready to leave and luckily the launch goes smoothly, and they are on their way to the distant planet.

Unfortunately, halfway through the journey, they end up in a meteor shower with huge stones, which skim past the ship, and some hit the spaceship. A technical defect occurs, which they try to solve with all the means and knowledge they have. They get further and further away from Earth, and it seems that if they don’t find something soon, the ship will be irreparably damaged. The situation seems hopeless.


Defeated, Becky takes a seat in the chair and Laffer looks at her gloomily. They have really done everything in their power, but why can’t it work, Becky thinks?

Suddenly she remembers the doll that one of their trainers had shown them, but where is that doll?

The doll, which was originally intended to keep them company during the long journey, has a broad knowledge of the universe and the technology from which the spaceship is built. Maybe the doll can rescue them from this trouble, Becky fervently hopes.

She orders Laffer to track down the doll and Laffer goes out of his way to carry out the assignment, which he also succeeds excellently.

Becky plugs in the doll and he asks her, “Good day, what can I do for you?”

“Some parts of our instruments were damaged during the meteor shower, can you help us,” Becky asks.

“But of course, I’ll fix that for you,” he replies.

The doll turns out to have an advanced artificial intelligence and Becky and Laffer gratefully use it. They call him Rover and soon they don’t even see him as a doll anymore, but as a valued crew member with whom they share everything. Rover solves all problems in no time and soon they have the ship back under control and can continue their way to the planet.


Finally, they arrive at their destination, a planet full of wonders that is different from our planet ‘Earth’. It soon becomes clear that they cannot stay here, and after that long journey, their supplies have decreased considerably.

The damage to the ship seems to be more serious than they had previously thought. Unfortunately, the defect cannot be repaired, even by Rover.

Together they try to come up with a plan to return to Earth. Rover suggests using his brain to send a distress signal to Earth in the hope that they will be saved. It’s a risk, but the only one they can think of.

Rover explains to Becky what to do and even though an advanced artificial intelligent doll has no feeling, the mood is very depressed. Becky understands that once she disconnects Rover, there’s nothing he can do for them and all his brain does is send messages to Earth, hoping they’ll be saved.


They are working for days and eventually manage to disconnect Rover’s brain and send the distress signal to Mother Earth.

The wait is long, but after a few weeks, they receive word that a rescue mission is on its way.

Rover’s brain stays on continuously to keep in touch with the rescue ship. They understand that it may take a while before they are rescued, but in the meantime, the supplies are running out. They cut their rations by half again and hope that they will be saved in time.

Becky and Laffer are weakening by the hour and barely notice that the rescue ship has found them. The doctor gets them back on their feet and the first thing Becky wants to know is what happened to Rover, but then she suddenly hears a familiar noise and Rover comes to stand next to her.

“You didn’t think I’d stay on that planet on my own,” Rover grumbles.

Smiling, Becky and Laffer look at the white doll and Becky wraps her arms, and Laffer’s paws around him.


The rescue ship sets sail for Earth, but not before securing all the research work the brave trio has gathered. This daring space journey will go down in history as one of the most memorable and inspiring missions ever.


And Becky, still dreams of the stars and the smart dog who uses his unique talents and the advanced artificial intelligence doll who has become her greatest friend more than anything else.


Did she dream this whole story or……? Well, who’s to say? In any case, it was a wonderful journey that no one can take away from her.