The Poppels Family

Looking for a new home

‘Let’s go,’ whispers Mommy Mette. ‘The ground is still moving.’

Together the pull the cart and when they turn a little further away, they see that the crevice is still growing. The lava has been replaced by water that propels itself with enormous force.

Everyone is absorbed in their own thoughts. They set the cart in motion again and drive deeper into the forest. Papa Tron takes good care of his wife and children. The forest gets bigger and more robust and after two days of traveling, Dad Tron thinks it’s safe enough to stop. They look around curiously and then a smile appear on Daddy Tron’s face.

‘What are you laughing at, Dad,’ asks Drude.

‘Yes, I would also like to know,’ asks Mommy Mette.

‘Take a good look around you,’ Dad answered. ‘The forest here is even more beautiful than where we come from. It is very unfortunate that we had to move in such a nasty way, but I still think we can build a nice new home here. I have high hopes for it.’

Mama Mette nods and Elv suddenly starts to cry and wails that she cannot live without her diary.

‘This is a bad birthday,’ she shouts.

They all look at her in shock. Because of the tension, they have completely forgotten that it is Elv’s birthday today.

Drude grabs her and gives her a big hug. ‘Congratulations sister. I have no cake, no streamers, but look,’ he says proudly, and handing her her diary.

Elv does not know what she sees and happily she looks at her brother: ‘You have my diary,’ and she hugs him.

‘How sweet, but you did make it dirty. You should have washed your hands first.’

Drude doesn’t understand and just as he tries to answer her, she hugs him again and says: ‘It was just a joke. Thank you. This is the most beautiful gift I’ve ever received for my birthday.’

‘So, it is enough. Let’s look for a new place to live,’ suggests Papa Tron.

They drive a little further and must avoid some trees here and there. Every now and then a rock must be moved to get deeper into the forest. Ultimately, they must stop because they cannot continue. Tired and sighing, they face a new obstacle, but that is one that offers them a great opportunity. It is a huge tree that invites them to come and live in it end make a new home off it.

2.1 looking

‘Wat do you think of this tree,’ ask Drude.

‘Seems a nice place to live in it,’ suggests Daddy Tron.

‘Do you really think we can live in it,’ asks Mommy Mette.

‘I hope so. It’s a beautiful tree,’ says Elv.

‘See first, then believe,’ whispered Mommy Mette.

Daddy and Drude have a look first and Mommy and Elv wait patiently.

Elv feels a chill running down her spine and when she looks around, she feels a hot breath on her neck, but then it has suddenly disappeared.

She looks around but sees nothing suspicious. It will be the fatigue of the past few days, she thinks and decides to investigate, just like her brother.

The tree is viewed from all sides and Elv walks around the tree with her diary in hand and is the first who discover an entrance. It’s pretty scary here, she thinks. She hears the trees creak, and the birds are singing their song and that makes her relax. She wants to call Drude, but her pride keeps her from doing that and she shuffles towards the entrance of the tree.

‘Shall I call the others. Who knows what is hidden in that tree? There’s may be a wolf or a bear,’ she whispers. Yet she goes deeper into the tree and absorbs the space well. A smile appears on her mouth.

‘You’re going to pay for that,’ she suddenly hears behind her and when she turns around, she sees Drude looking at her smiling.

Elv gets a little angry and wants to hit him with her diary. Drude sticks his arm out, but unfortunately her book hits his head.

‘You nasty boy, you almost scared me to death. If you dare to do that one more time, you will regret it.’

Drude puts an arm around her shoulder and says he’s sorry, ‘Sorry, I couldn’t resist. You looked so scared. I deserved that hit.’

‘That may be the case, you have been warned. By the way, how did you get here,’ asks Elv.


The End of Part 2