Brummel the investicator

In the kitchen, it is nice and warm, and Brummel is sitting satisfied at his table. In front of him is jar of honey, a large glass of milk and some sandwiches. He smears his sandwich with a thick layer of honey and takes a sip from his glass of milk.

He eagerly takes a bite from his sandwich. “Oh, how hungry I am,” he mumbles.

Without realizing it, the honey runs out of the corners of his mouth. After his third sandwich, he happily slaps on his round belly. “Well Brummel, that was nice,” he says to himself and stretches his paws. He settles down in his favorites corner in front of the window frame. There he can see all over the lake, and he just can’t get enough of it. There is always something to see on the water. The wind is howling around the houseboat and the snow is blowing against the window. He presses his nose flat against the glass and feels the cold. “That’s nice.”

With his paw, he draws a face on the window that fogs up by with his warm breath. “When the fun is over, he goes to investigate. He walks through the houseboat and then he discovers a closed door. What will there be behind that door, he wonders? He has no idea and tries to open the door. Then he suddenly hears a voice calling and it seems that it is coming from behind the door. 

“Help help, please get me out of here. I am so cold.’

Brummel does not understand. Who can that be? With all the strength he has in him, he tries to open the door, but there is no movement in it. He should look for another way to open the door. He looks around and sees a hatch above the door. If I can open that hatch, then I can also enter that room, Brummel thinks. He decides to climb up a chest and the closet and then try to open the hatch above the door. Slowly he climbs up and tries to slide the hatch bolt to the side.

Suddenly he changes his mind. What if it’s some creep. I can better wait until Uncle gets home. Well, are you a strong and tough bear, or not, thinks Brummel?

Again, he hears the voice calling. “Help, help me.”

Brummel decides to open the hatch anyway and looks into the dark. For a moment his eyes have to get used to the dark and then he sees that he can go down through a staircase. His little legs feel if he can feel the staircase below. Step by step he climbs down. Finally, he is downstairs and searches the room. There he sees a girl sitting. She is crying and shaking all over from the cold. She looks anxiously at him. He jumps on top of her lap, but she throws him aside.  

“I am saved, I am saved, ” she shouts.  Then she picks up Brummel and climbs through the stairs out of the hatch.

Brummel keeps silent. There is nothing to indicate that he is a special bear. The girl picks him up by his dark blue sweater and walks into the living room. There she sits down in front of the fire and warms herself up. She takes Brummel on her lap and starts to tell how she got into that room.

“You know bear. I’ve been a bit naughty. I just climbed on this boat and when I heard someone walking, I hid. But when I wanted to go out again, the door couldn’t open anymore. Mom and Dad don’t even know where I am. They are now, of course, worried, “she sniffles and sadly picks up a tear.

She presses Brummel firmly against her and continues. “It probably isn’t fair, but I can’t recognize my way home because of all that snow. What should I do now?’

Brummel opens his eyes and says: ‘Do not be afraid. I am a very strong bear and can handle the cold well. I’ll go to your mom and dad and tell them you’re safe.”

The girl dropped Brummel in shock. He falls on the ground with a crash and shouts “Ow … that hurts.”

The girl is staring at him, frozen. ‘That’s impossible. A bear who can talk, that’s not possible. I want to go home, to my mom and dad, “she cries. She wants to run away, but Brummel jumps for her.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s just me, Brummel. I’m just an ordinary bear. Would you like to become my girlfriend? “

The girl steps back and looks at him a little scared.

“Don’t be afraid, what’s your name,” asks Brummel.

She looks at him anxiously and crawls into a corner by the window. Brummel walks over to her and says “Look, I am still whole and have not broken anything. You don’t have to be afraid of me. My name is Brummel and I live here with my uncle. Do you know him?’

“I can see that you are a bear, but a toy bear can’t talk. And I don’t know the gentleman who lives here either. My name is Elsie and I live further up in the village and I think you are stupid. “

Brummel sticks his tongue out to her and says “So you don’t want to be my girlfriend? I think that’s a shame. I had hoped we could explore the neighbourhood together and have fun. “He looks at her innocently, tilting his head a bit.

Elsie shrugs and walks back to the hearth. There she settles in Uncle’s big chair. Tired, she closes her eyes and falls into a deep sleep.

Brummel strokes her ball and covers her with his blanket. Then he lies down at her feet and murmurs before falling asleep. “Now I still don’t know if you want to be my girlfriend.”

The end