The Speedy Arrow

Somewhere hidden between high green mountains is a small village that is almost impossible to reach. There is a small station, but a train never stops there. Yet every day a train thunders by at high speed and the villagers call it ‘The speedy arrow.’

One day something mysterious happens, the train suddenly stops at the station.

All the children from the village gather and admire the train, but nothing happens. Carefully they caress the outside and then something unexpected happens. The train opens its doors, and the children stare inside and there it turns out to be even more beautiful than the outside.

One by one they step into ‘The Speedy Arrow’ and expectantly they wait for what is to come.

Of course, they are a little scared and a few want to get out of the train, but curiosity wins out over their fear. They expect that a conductor, or the driver, will come to them, but that does not happen.

Suddenly, one of the children finds a card that says they’ve all been invited to go on an adventure. The invitation is written and signed by the mysterious train itself.

Excited, they look for a seat on the train and as soon as everyone has found a seat, he closes his doors to start a magical journey.

They enjoy the journey on ‘The Speedy Arrow’ and admire the beautiful landscape through which it thunders. Occasionally the train slows down a bit because he drives past a fantastic waterfall or passes by green fields with beautiful animals. The children are extremely impressed and are quiet about it.

After a while, the train arrives at a play park. A gigantic park where there is plenty to do.

The children enjoy themselves and they never get tired, but everything comes to an end.

When the sun goes down, the children understand that it’s time to go home, but where’s the train?

At the station where they got off, the train is no longer present. Now what, where should they go?

In the meantime, it is getting colder, and they decide to nestle close together to stay warm. A few cries and so they sit at the station for a while waiting for the train to pick them up again.

Some doze off to sleep but they are kept awake by the others and then they hear a familiar sound in the distance. They recognize that sound out of thousands, the sound of ‘The speedy arrow’.

Slowly he comes to a stop and the children jump aboard with relief. When everyone is on board, the train starts moving again. The route home is different from the outward journey, on the contrary, it is even more beautiful.

The train drives past beautiful fields and in the sky, they see the magical spectacle of the northern lights e pass by.


Late in the night, the train arrives at the familiar station where the parents have been waiting for them for hours and are delighted that their offspring have arrived safely.


All the children run to the front of the train and thank him for the unforgettable adventure.

And you know, for a moment it seemed like the train was smiling and nodding softly, but maybe they only saw that in their imagination. In any case, the children of the village will never forget that ‘The speedy arrow’, stopped at the station that was familiar to them.


So you see…, sometimes the most deserted places are different than you think and where something beautiful can still take place.

The end