Sammy and the chicken

In the middle of the forest is a small and cosy house. Around the cottage is a beautiful colourful flower garden. Not only the cottage is beautiful, but also the forest itself. There are ancient trees that proudly move their branches high in the air. Sometimes it looks like they’re singing. There is plenty of life in and around those giant trees.

In the garden itself lives a cheerful dog, named Sammy. Sammy is not only cheerful, but he is also friendly and playing is his biggest hobby. He prefers to be outside, that’s where he feels at his best.

Aunt Mia is a sweet old lady who not only adores Sammy but also her chickens, which scurry around the chicken coop.


One day, a fox suddenly appears in the forest. He’s not happy, just quietly grumpy. He couldn’t find food for days, and hunger doesn’t make his mood any better.

He wanders through the forest for hours, until his nose catches the smell of the chickens. Aunt Mia’s chickens are scurrying around, as usual, and the fox is lurking at them. The water runs out of his mouth, he does have an appetite for such a chicken.


Sammy discovered the fox and understood that Aunt Mia’s chickens are in danger. He runs towards them and chases them into the chicken coop. Sammy barks loudly and jumps from hot to hot to chase all the chickens into the coop. Aunt Mia hears the barking and rushes out. When she sees the fox, she understands what is going on and Aunt Mia is determined to protect her chickens. She calls all the animals in and around the garden together and whether you believe it or not, they all come to help her.


The animals make a noise. The rabbits stomp their paws, and the birds flutter around and screech as if their lives depended on it. The squirrels throw pinecones at the fox and he is so startled by all the noise that he quickly makes him get away.

To this day, they have not seen him again.


Aunt Mia is extremely proud of Sammy and the other animals who have protected her chickens so well and she thanks them all for their courage and commitment. Every animal gets something tasty from her.


Since that day it has become even more pleasant in the garden and thanks to the efforts of Sammy and the others, the chickens are safe.